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About us

Toy World was founded in 2011. Our CEO Ahmed Magdy created the first store was opened in Sun City mall. The management have an experience of 16 years in the toy industry between distribution & retail. Proudly, Toy World owns the first & second largest toy stores in Egypt & Africa located in Mall of Arabia on 2200 m2 & Porto Cairo on 1800 m2.

Toy World has managed to expand in 2014 to reach 6 stores in Egypt’s most attractive malls like City Stars, Cairo Festival City Mall and well-known areas like Mohandseen and Sheraton. In the same year was the opening of the toys emporium Toy World Mall of Arabia. Toy World has also its seasonal summer store in Marrasi, North Coast. In 2015, Toy World added a new branch to the largest retail chain in Egypt, located in Sheraton Heliopolis.

Just before the end of the year, Toy World crowned the ongoing success with the opening of Toy World Porto Cairo. In summer 2016, Toy World Porto Marina open its doors to north coast customers. The idea behind Toy World stores is that they are designed to be the most amazing destination offering the largest array of new, exclusive & educational toys and games.

Toy World retail chain is planning to invest in the local Egyptian market to reach 22 stores in the next 3 years in Egypt.

Toy World stores appreciated being part of Africa & will invest in opening new stores in the region. The retail chain first stores in Africa will be in Morocco & Kenya. Backed up with our team & staff Toy World will be the attractive “stand-out” store everywhere.